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Mt Fuji Climbing Tour


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A towering pride of Japan, Mount Fuji is a key destination for travellers visiting the promising Land of the Rising Sun. Witnessing the solemnity of this prominent mountain is already a memorable experience in itself, but going on a climbing tour assures travellers an extra special adventure. With Willer Express, travellers can seamlessly plan a Mount Fuji climbing tour that fits their preferences for this once-in-a-lifetime escapade.

Know Before You Go

Tour Types
3 types of tours: Standard, Standard with Gear Rental & Meet up at 5th Station

Standard Plan: 25,800 yen
Standard Plan (with Gear Rental): 34,800 yen
Meet up at 5th Station Plan: 20,800 yen

Important Info
Condition your body with cardio months before the climb.
Our Insider Tip!
We’re sure you can’t wait to go on your very own Mount Fuji adventure. But first, a pro-tip for all beginner climbers out there: If you don’t see yourself doing this often, you could always rent mountain-climbing gear from a reliable tour provider like Willer Express.
What We Love

Beginner-friendly hike & breaktaking views

Willer Express’ Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour is friendly for climbers of all levels and experiences, whether they’re expert mountaineers looking to enjoy Mt. Fuji’s legendary beauty or beginners who want their first climb to be unforgettable! Designed with a very manageable pace and moderate breaks in between, the climb offers breathtaking mountainside views to all adventurers. Catch the sun rising at the summit, marvel at the sea of clouds from the 7th station, and stargaze to your heart’s content come nighttime.

Complete accommodations & services

What makes a Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour even more memorable? Exceptional service and complete accommodations, of course! With Willer Express, participants need not worry about packing tents and finding a campsite to settle down. Here, every climbing tour plan comes with an overnight stay at a cosy mountain hut, plus two filling meals! What’s more, guests don’t have to worry if they don’t have proper hiking gear onhand — English-speaking tour guides at Willer Express will gladly arrange rental for you.


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Mt Fuji Climbing Tour

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